Max. 1000W


MW driver, philips chip, 150lm/w

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About Us

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Product Center


Professional design team, according to the characteristics of lighting architecture, external walls and surrounding light environment, combined with customer needs for personalized design.


LED lighting customization, lighting system integration, intelligent lighting energy saving system planning and other professional technical team to escort the project.

Have rich experience in senior projects, smart construction team to ensure that the lighting project strictly implementation.



Industrial Lighting


City Lighting

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  • You Can See My Smile From My Face

    Suppliers are more important than customers.

    0 2019-05-30
  • MIASCON, Ltd. from Czech Republic

    CEO: Miroslav Schneberger
    We have been working together for 7 years, and LEDSOLUTIONS has been providing us with high quality LED lights and excellent service. We are happy with them.

    0 2019-05-30
  • 4 EVER LIGHT from South Africa

    CEO: Marius van Vuuren
    LEDSOLUTIONS is very good. In 2013, we designed and developed two products for our company. These two lamps made me take the lead in the South African lighting market. Of course, the profits earned are quite rich.

    0 2019-05-21




International convention and exhibition center - Lighting project

The exhibition center is a modern large-scale exhibition hall integrating commodity exhibition, economic and trade negotiation, artistic performance, large-scale banquet and other functions.

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About Us

LEDSOLUTIONS was founded in 2012, focus on LED outdoor lighting research and development, production and sales. The company is located in shenzhen, a first-tier city in China, covering an area of 2500 square meters, and its products are mainly exported to Europe and Asia. The company has professional r & d engineers, electrical engineers and structural engineers, professional sales representatives are responsible for all matters of sales for you. And we has warehouses in Europe, hot products in the warehouse has a certain amount of inventory. To provide customers with fast delivery service and high quality products. Our company aims at solving lighting solutions for customers and is committed to becoming the lighting expert around you.